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External Partnerships

    We develop strategic relationships with its peers and members of the greater community to advance the mission of the university. Collectively, the university is affiliated with the organizations listed below. Individually, many IT staff members are members of other professional organizations and initiatives.


    LEARN: Lonestar Education and Research Network
    Rice is a member of LEARN, a partnership of 39 Texas institutions dedicated to bringing high-speed connectivity and competitive researching to the lone star state.

    South Texas GigaPOP
    South Texas GigaPOP (SETG) provides high-speed interconnections among research-focused schools in Texas including Rice.

    Internet 2
    Internet2 is an exceptional community of U.S. and international leaders in research, academia, industry and government who create and collaborate via innovative technologies.  

    Identity and Access Management

    InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education, and their partners, in the United States.

    TIER - Trust and Identity in Education and Research
    Internet2’s Trust and Identity in Education and Research (TIER) initiative will provide a common framework for campus identity and access management (IAM) components.


    HiPCAT: High Performance Computing Across Texas
    Rice is one member of this consortium of Texas institutions that use advanced computational technologies to enhance research, development, and educational activities.

    Rice is a participating member of the ResearchChannel, a media-based consortium of universities that broadcasts activities, ideas, and opportunities related to research.

    SURA: Southeastern Universities Research Association  
    SURA is a research group of over sixty universities in the southeastern portion of the United States including Rice.

    Higher Education

    Educause is an organization which promotes higher learning through the improvement of IT services. Rice participates in many Educause initiatives, including Higher Education Bridge Certification Authority (HEBCA), PKI for Networked Higher Education, Middleware, the NMI-EDIT Consortium, the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service, the Technical Activities Group (HEPKI-TAG), and the Educause Learning Initiative (ELI).

    CSG - Common Solutions Group  
    Originally organized as the Stone Soup Group, CSG works to achieve the overall efficiency of research universities by acting collaboratively to influence commercial providers of information technology and, where the market fails to provide appropriate technology, working collaboratively to develop and disseminate common solutions to important IT challenges. 

    Connexions Consortium       
    Connexions is an open source platform and open access repository for open education resources, enabling the creation, sharing, modification, and vetting of open educational material accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime via the World Wide Web.

    Sakai Foundation       
    The Sakai Foundation is a member-based, non-profit corporation engaged in the collaborative design, development and distribution of open-source software for education, research and related scholarly activities. It encourages community-building between academic institutions, non-profits and commercial organizations and provides its members and others with an institutional framework within which Sakai projects can flourish.


    Greater Houston Partnership: Technology Infrastructure Task Force
    The goal of the task force is to identify technology infrastructure enhancements that will foster the deployment and integration of products and services that produce life enhancing experiences for the general population in the greater Houston area.

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