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Vice Provost for Information Technology

Vice Provost for Information Technology



Information Technology


Office of the Vice Provost for Information Technology (IT)

Academic & Research Computing (ARC)

The Academic & Research Computing (ARC) group provides campus-wide desktop support and is the face on many of IT's customer service efforts. ARC staff support the Help Desk, research computing, instructional technology, and training, videoconferencing and video coverage of courses and events.

  • Michael Dewey, 
Director, Academic & Research Computing, mdewey@rice.edu, x3113
  • Kim Andrews, 
Assistant Director for Research Computing and Data Services, kimba@rice.edu, x5726
  • Diane Yee, Assistant Director for IT Customer Service, diane.yee@rice.edu, x4887
  • Carlos Solis
, Assistant Director for Academic Technology Services,
 solis@rice.edu, x5687
  • Terry Graham, Manager for Learning Spaces, tlg@rice.edu, x5605
  • Al Grazis, 
Assistant Director for Client Services, agrazis@rice.edu, x3132
  • Troy Hollistor, 
Manager for Client Services 
(Administration, Architecture, Athletics, Humanities, Music, & Social Sciences), teh2@rice.edu, x3955
  • Ahmed Syed, 
Manager for Client Services 
(Natural Sciences and Engineering), asyed@rice.edu, x4038

Business Services & Planning (BSP)  

The Business Services & Planning (BSP) team provides project management and business functions for the IT division. BSP creates and maintains employment policies and procedures for the division, manages preferred vendor relations for technology purchases for the university,and ensures compliance with the university's software licensing contracts. BSP staff also work closely with FE&P, departments, and contractors to support the technology aspects of facility construction, repair, or remodeling.

  • Yemeen Rahman
, Director, Business Services & Planning,
 yemeenr@rice.edu, x5689
  • Monique Krause, 
Adminstration and Finance Manager,  mkrause@rice.edu, x5552
  • Derek Rabuck, 
IT Planning & Project Manager, 
derekr@rice.edu, x6174

Enterprise Applications (EA)  

The Enterprise Applications (EA) staff provides web and database services through the Web Services group, marketing and communications initiatives for the IT division, and database and IT support for Facilities Engineering & Planning.

  • Andrea Martin, 
Director, Enterprise Applications (EA),
 andrea@rice.edu, x4965
  • Carlyn Chatfield
, IT Technical Communications Manager,  carlyn@rice.edu, x4819
  • Linda Humphreys, 
Data Systems Manager, 
lah@rice.edu, x5938

Information Technology Security Office (ITSO)  

The Information Technology Security Office protects the electronic assets of Rice University.   ITSO staff maintain information integrity, confidentiality of electronic communications, and issues that impact the security of the technology infrastructure such as virus and spam prevention, confidentiality and privacy, system intrusion detection, prevention, and forensics.

Marc Scarborough, 
Information Security Officer, Information Technology Security Office (ITSO) 
marcs@rice.edu, x5735

Networking, Telecommunications, & Data Center (NTDC)  

The Networking, Telecommunications & Data Center group supports the infrastructure that ensures information delivery for the Rice campus. The campus network ensures that computers at Rice can talk to each other, connect to external networks such as the Internet, and connect to collaborative networks. Telecommunications provides phone communication and voice mail. The Data Center provides a secure environment for servers, clusters, and other research and information technology equipment that requires a stable and consistently-powered environment with a controlled temperature.

William Deigaard, 
Director, Networking, Telecommunications, & Data Center (NTDC), 
soren@rice.edu, x5262

Jason Bothe
, Manager of Networking, jason@rice.edu, x5500

Keith Kostelecky, Telecommunications Manager, keith.kostelecky@rice.edu, x4911

Shelby Sims, 
Data Center Manager,  
ssims@rice.edu, x3127

Systems, Architecture, & Infrastructure (SAI)  

The application of information technology systems to the day-to-day operations of the university is the focus of the staff in Systems, Architecture, & Infrastructure (SAI). Staff maintain systems used to deliver email, control calendars, store the contents for student personal work spaces, and provide security controls for identity and account management. SAI also collaborates with other departments in IT and within Rice to strategize future integration needs and the architecture of how information technology is delivered to recipients across the campus.

Barry Ribbeck, 
Director, Systems, Architecture, & Infrastructure (SAI), 
bribbeck@rice.edu, x4012

Amado Aguilar, 
Systems Integration Manager,  
aaguilar@rice.edu, x4180

Hubert Daugherty, 
Digital Media Technology Manager, 
 hd@rice.edu, x4035

Kenneth Marshall, 
Middleware Development & Integration Manager,  
ktm@rice.edu, x5294

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